Turtle Rock Vineyards

The Tin City Podcast is back baby…and we are going to Turtle Rock your world!  Turtle Rock Vineyards is a staple of the Tin City wine community, and utilizes the best fruit Paso Robles has to offer.  Join Patrick and George as we delve into the juice with winemaker Don Burns, (also an owner of Tin City Distillery).

Caliza Winery

As harvest wraps up in Tin City, Patrick and George catch up with Carl and Andy from Caliza Winery…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  We’ve got 3 wine brands, booze, and beer.  Pour yourself a glass of any of the above, and join us!

Harvest Update…while drinking Paso Robles Rose

The Tin City Podcast will be back soon!  We are busy making that nectar of the gods during the Paso Robles 2022 Wine Harvest!  We didn’t want to leave you hanging on the vine…