Caliza Winery

As harvest wraps up in Tin City, Patrick and George catch up with Carl and Andy from Caliza Winery…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  We’ve got 3 wine brands, booze, and beer.  Pour yourself a glass of any of the above, and join us!

Etto Pasta

Move over dry store bought pasta…Etto is bringing the heat!  Join us as we talk to Brian Terrizzi, often referred to as the Paso Pasta Pimp Daddy…It’s true, I didn’t make that up!  Indulge along with Patrick of Tin City Distillery and George of Barrelhouse Brewing in the world of premium pasta.

ONX Wines

Wine, spirits, and all sorts of entertainment…compliments of Drew and Jeff of ONX Wines.  This crew is one of a kind, and crafts one of a kind wines to match.  Patrick and George are, “not so secret” admirers of this Tin City staple.  Grab a glass and tune in, baby!